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Solutions ICU

Cheating Death by Therapeutic Hypothermia

After cheating death twice already, Jim McNabe suffered a sudden cardiac arrest one evening. After being deprived of oxygen for about 20 minutes, his friend Dr. Robert Albin was able to help him cheat death for a third time with a new treatment that he had been learning about called Therapeutic Hypothermia. This would be Dr. Albin’s first patient and the outcome has changed his perspective on whether or not a patient is alive or dead.


Freezing to Life

This hospital had just finished training on their new Therapeutic Hypothermia protocol, when they got their first patient. Having the right equipment and right training, the clinical team was well prepared for this event. Of their first 21 patients, they have had 15 true success stories, and hope that there are many more to come.


Solutions NICU

Run for Avery

Mark Fitzgerald ran 3 Marathons (78 miles) to bring awareness to the Therapeutic Hypothermia treatment that his daughter, Avery went through just hours after her birth. Watch the video to see more about Mark and his family’s journey.

Glenn Ordway

Glen Ordway was expecting a fairly simple birth of his daughter Mia. But when it came time to deliver something went wrong and Mia's heart and lungs stopped working. She was deprived of oxygen for over 20 minutes. Not only did he have to comprehend what was happening to his baby girl but his wife also suffered complications from the birth. Watch the video to hear the rest of Glen’s story and how Therapeutic Hypothermia helped save Mia’s life.