Cincinnati Sub-Zero

CSZ Patient Temperature Management Solutions

  • Helping people recover and reunite with loved ones to get back to experiencing the joys of life.
  • Specializing in patient temperature management solutions.
  • Offers expertise in the industry.
  • Delivering the highest quality and broad portfolio of patient temperature management solutions on the market.

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Freezing to Life Cheating Death by Therapeutic Hypothermia

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We have been cooling babies for several years.

78 for 78 - Run for Avery Neonatal Therapeutic Hypothermia for Baby Mia
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Being able to help you excel in providing temperature management solutions to your pediatric patients is what CSZ Medical strives to do.

PICU Solutions

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Providing continuous localized therapy to patients can be an important part of surgical recovery.

ORTHO Solutions

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Preventing unintended hypothermia can be simple with the right approach.

OR Solutions