Cincinnati Sub-Zero


CSZ offers three different systems for providing normothermia, the SurfaceTemp®, Norm-O-Temp® and WarmAir®. All of these systems provide the desired warmth and comfort needed to the patient; the method of delivery depends on the caregiver’s preference.

The SurfaceTemp® is a resistant warming technology OR Table Pad. It redistributes pressure and provides comfortable consistent and active warming to every patient.

The Norm-O-Temp® combined with the Gelli-Roll® offers excellent temperature control while providing complete access to the patient. It is a great solution for the Operating Room and Emergency Department.

The WarmAir® has 3 therapeutic temperature settings that help keep the patient at a normothermic level. Any department in the hospital that is looking for a basic warming system, the WarmAir® is your solution.


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  • Continuous delivery of consistent heat to promote normothermia
  • Designed to maximize pressure redistribution and minimize skin sheer
  • Pad cover is Anti-microbial/anti-bacteria treated and fluid-impervious
  • Configured to compliment the OR tables weight maximum
  • X-ray translucent
  • No forced air movement
  • Silent Operation
  • Energy Efficient
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  • May help reduce set-up and breakdown time
  • Easy to clean with disinfectants
  • Allows complete access to the patient
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  • Cost-effective heat therapy system
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Helps maintain normothermia
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  • Helps keep patients comfortable before and after surgery
  • Provides maintenance of normothermia during surgery
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  • Upper Body Blanket
  • Lower Body Blanket
  • Adult Full Body Blanket
  • Pediatric Blanket
  • Infant Blanket
  • Sterile Cardiac Blanket
  • Torso Blanket
  • Warming Tube™
  • Adult Underbody Blanket