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Glenn Ordway


Glen Ordway was expecting a fairly simple birth of his daughter Mia. But when it came time to deliver something went wrong and Mia's heart and lungs stopped working. She was deprived of oxygen for over 20 minutes. Not only did he have to comprehend what was happening to his baby girl but his wife also suffered complications from the birth. Watch the video to hear the rest of Glen’s story and how Therapeutic Hypothermia helped save Mia’s life.

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Therapeutic Cooling in the NICU

Patient Temperature Management Solutions in the Neonatal ICU

It is estimated that 2-3 per 1,000 births experience a hypoxic episode during the peripartum period. Of those, approximately 25-30 percent will have permanent neurologic deficits as a result.5 Studies have shown that whole-body hypothermia can help reduce the risk of death or disability in infants with moderate or severe hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. 4 It provides homogeneous cooling to all brain structures, including peripheral and central brain regions, resulting in a safe and effective method for cooling infants.

CSZ Medical was one of the first companies to provide whole-body cooling devices to the NICU environment, with great success. For several years now, we have been cooling babies like Mia and focusing on improving your patient’s outcomes.4

*9 of the top 10 Children's Hospitals choose the Blanketrol for their NICU cooling. 

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