Cincinnati Sub-Zero

CSZ's Maxi-Therm® Lite hyper-hypothermia blankets have a durable construction to withstand rigorous use. The white material provides a clean feel, and in today’s hospitals where Hospital Acquired Infections are an important issue, having a white blanket helps notify the caregiver when the blanket is soiled and needs to be changed.

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  • Durable and light weight
  • May be used over or under the patient
  • Can be used for heating or cooling the patient


  • Soft, comfortable  material covers both sides of the blankets
  • No need for extra cover sheets
  • Random flow pattern allows for even therapy
  • Self-Sealing connections (Download New Brochure)
  • 871.jpg
    Maxi-Therm Lite 871
  • 872.jpg
    Maxi-Therm Lite 872
  • 873.jpg
    Maxi-Therm Lite 873
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