Cincinnati Sub-Zero

The Kool-Kit® when combined with the Blanketrol® III is a whole body cooling system for applications designed to induced hypothermia and provide normothermia.

It contains three high quality cooling blankets & wraps; the head wrap, vest, and lower body blanket. The self sealing hoses keep water from spilling when disconnecting the blankets.

The random flow design of the blankets/wraps ensures that the therapy will be constantly delivered regardless of the patient’s positioning. This high quantity, high quality coverage is not matched by any other and allows for therapy to be provided to all of the major vasculature.

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  • Can cover a wide range of patients
  • Each piece is fully adjustable, allowing for easy access to the skin
  • Cooling can be initiated within minutes and set to a tenth of a degree


  • Easy to use with Velcro straps
  • No adhesive or cumbersome wrapping
  • One size fits most