Cincinnati Sub-Zero

The Electri-Cool® II is the premier choice of localized cold therapy systems. This easy to use system requires no ice to operate, simply add distilled water and select your desired temperature range. The Electri-Cool® II is lightweight and compact, making this unit the ideal choice among healthcare professionals. It may also be attached to the patient’s bed with a bracket to save valuable floor space or may be mounted on a stand for easy mobility.


  • NO ICE REQUIRED, which means no messy wet floor or worry about using valuable nursing time to change the ice
  • Consistent cooling therapy


  • Easy to use
  • 3 levels of temperature available for personalized comfort
  • Variety of pads available for several applications
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Cold Therapy System  757-H1D, 757-H2D, 757-H8D, 757-HIE
- Available for Penguin Express
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