Electri-Cool® II

Electri-Cool II unit with 1112-US pad

Cold therapy system

The Electri-Cool® II is the premier choice of localized cold therapy systems. Possible applications for the Electri-Cool® II range from surgical incision treatment, swelling from injury, sprains, strains, and more. The Electri-Cool® II is lightweight and compact, making this unit the ideal choice among healthcare professionals. It may also be attached to the patient’s bed with a bracket to save valuable floor space or may be mounted on a stand for easy mobility.


  • Uses NO ICE, which means no messy wet floor or worry about using valuable nursing time to change the ice
  • Helps decrease pain and could reduce the amount of medication needed for the patient
  • More consistent cooling therapy

  • Electri-Cool II, Localized Cold Therapy system


  • Easy to use
  • 3 levels of temperature available for personalized comfort
  • Variety of pads available for several applications

  • Electri-Cool II on Universal Stand


    Electri-Cool® (Cold Therapy Unit)

    Model No. 767 (100v/115v, 230v, 220v/240v)
    Dimensions 12” W x 6” D x 12” H (30.5cm x 15.2cm x 30.5cm)
    Weight 13 lbs. (5.9kg)
    Water Temperature Range 5°C – 7°C (40°F – 45°F)
    8°C – 10°C (45°F – 50°F)
    11°C – 13°C (50°F – 55°F)
    Flow Rate 18 gph (68 lph)


    Model No. Sizes:
    757-H1D    Penguin Express is Available on this Product 12” (1 ft.)(30.5cm) Dual Pad Connecting Hose
    757-H2D    Penguin Express is Available on this Product 24” (2 ft.)(61cm) Dual Pad Connecting Hose
    757-H8D    Penguin Express is Available on this Product 8’ Dual Pad Connecting Hose, Insulated
    757-HIE    Penguin Express is Available on this Product 6’ Connecting Hose, Insulated for Electri-Cool® Model 757
    767-BBK Bed Bracket
    UNV LPS Universal Stand (must purchase EC-080 to attach Electri-Cool® II to stand)
    EC-080 Adapter Plate for Universal Stand

    Penguin Express is Available on this Product = Available for Penguin Express